5 Facts Vs Myths About Hair Loss

1. Hair loss due to my hair care products, I got resistant to my shampoo?

Hair loss is not caused by using the wrong types of shampoo, conditioner, or hair waxes. Switching around different types of hair care also does not help, there is no need to keep changing shampoos as per certain individuals’ claims that one develops “resistance to shampoos”.

2. Hair loss due to my last hair bleaching session

Has your hair fall out from the roots or did it break off at the shaft? It is important to distinguish between the two as chemical hair treatments do not cause the former but are responsible for a type of hair loss related to hair fragility and breakage.

3. Hair loss due to my hair conditioner getting on my scalp!

Hair conditioner should be applied on the mid hair shaft downwards to the hair ends, not to the scalp. However, getting some close to the scalp will not typically cause hair to fall. If you already have scalp pimples, such as in the condition scalp folliculitis, applying conditioner on the scalp can cause further occlusion acne. This is the case with hair pomades and waxes as well. However, this should usually not cause problems in healthy individuals.

4. Hair loss is normal and happens to everyone

Hair loss beyond what is “normal” for us is always abnormal and is clinically diagnosed by an accredited dermatologist. Ignoring it and attributing it to stress without proper investigation can lead to missing out on important medical diagnoses, as well as permanent loss of hair.

5. I should apply coconut oil and olive oil to my scalp as it is flaky and I am trying to moisturize it

If your scalp is flaky, chances are, it is not dry. Rather you have seborrheic dermatitis, known as dandruff in colloquial speech. The cause of this is an excessively oily scalp that breeds the growth of Malassezia, a yeast that is otherwise a normal resident on our skin and our scalp. The scalp causes the yeast to overgrow due to excess oil production. Applying more oils on the scalp will simply make the entire condition worse. You will need a medicated shampoo containing one or more of the following ingredients, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithone, salicylic acid, and ketoconazole a prescription shampoo in Singapore.

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