6 Factors that Could Influence your Energy in 2021

According to the basic principles of quantum physics, we are in a continuous exchange of energy with our surroundings. Therefore, we better make sure that what surrounds us is good and positive, so that the energy that reaches us is enriching and useful so that we do not run out of energy to use in our own development and evolution.

We are energy and that is indisputable, but sometimes you have to observe these details to understand the concept and the power and influence it can have in our lives. If we are energy, and energy is vibration at a certain frequency, then we could say that we are energy in high or low vibration, depending on the moment. Each feeling corresponds to a different vibration, the good ones are high frequencies and the bad ones are low.

In this article, we will reveal 6 factors that can affect our vibration system:

1. Environment

There may be more things around you that affect you than you could ever imagine. Having your home or workplace tidy and clean is not only to find things faster, but to bring calm and peace to your mind and soul, and not to receive chaotic energy from your environment.  

2. Music

Music is vibration and energy, just like us, and when we listen to it, it can immediately raise or lower our frequency. Try to listen to positive, happy, or 432 Hz music when you meditate or work to tune into the right frequency.  

3. Visual stimuli

that information that enters through our retina by the ocular nerve up to the brain, sediments in our subconscious, sowing a seed that, sometimes, does not give us the sweet fruits that we could expect.

When we watch movies about violence, misfortune and violence or the tv news that provoke in us fear and distrust or advertisements that motivates our consumerism and dissatisfaction with our partner, house, car or current physical, we receive signals that stay in the unconscious part of our mind and indicate that we could have more and better, that what we have and what surrounds us is not the latest, the most beautiful, the most expensive, the youngest ones.

It seems innocent, but after years and years of receiving that contradictory information, our minds can play tricks on us and it may be difficult to detect what is the root of your dissatisfaction, especially if the cause has been catalogued as something normal, since it is something that we absorb daily.  

4. Company

 they say we are the average result of the people around us. So, let’s surround ourselves with good people! We are already of an age to choose our companies, so let’s choose them well. Positive, happy, grateful people will help us feel good and attract good things to our world. On the other hand, negative people, who live in constant complaint and criticism and are constantly victimized, may not help us attract any more than bad things into our lives. Choose wisely.  

5. Words

we should never underestimate the immense power of the word.  Our words can raise or lower others, just as we can be happy, sad or angry about something they say to us. Words carry a powerful charge of identity and intention that can move mountains, and put every cell in our body to work on that received energy. That’s why we often feel bad just imagining something that hasn’t even happened, because words and your mind have an impressive and determining power in our lives. It is exactly for this reason, that is why I repeatedly say that destructive criticism, and complaints are useless, because, even if that person or that fact deserves to be criticized, some of those bad words will not help us, will splash and pollute our energy, thus reducing our vitality, positivity and efficiency.

6. Thoughts

Last but not least, thoughts. The root of everything. The raw material to materialize our most pleasant dreams or our darkest nightmares.  

Thoughts are electrical impulses that are originated in our brain constantly. And if the whole universe is energy, imagine what happens to them. They are sent out in the form of vibration frequently into the universe and then they come back to us in the form of facts or reasons for us to keep thinking like that.

The waves caused by the stone (thought) will expand omnidirectionally by its 360 degrees around it, being infinitesimally smaller and becoming imperceptible to us, but they continue their course. And sooner or later, they will bounce back to the source (our mind or life), materialized in the language (high or low vibration) that was emitted. 

In short, if you think badly and often pay too much attention to those negative thoughts, you will receive more reasons, facts and sensations that allow you to remain in that bad vibration. If, on the other hand, you decide to let those bad thoughts go by and only pay attention to the good ones, being aware and striving to live in the now with gratitude and love, good things will happen in your life to reinforce that thought. It sounds theoretical or crazy, but it really works, I can vouch for it and besides, what do you lose by trying it?

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