How can the elderly survive on social security benefits?

It is common knowledge that seniors are not able to live on their own, especially with all the medical problems they have. It is also common knowledge that many senior citizens are living on a fixed income. A recent study shows that in order for them to be able to afford an apartment or home, they need to take advantage of Social Security benefits.

Social Security benefits are often provided as a benefit to those who are not able to provide for themselves or their children. As a rule, those who have disabilities are not allowed to work. The disabled retiree does not have any income left after paying his or her bills. Therefore, he or she needs help to provide for their basic needs.

Social Security benefits

The first way to answer this question is through means of Social Security benefits. This is the most realistic and viable method to receive income in old age. It is often used to supplement an income that does not come from a retirement account.

Retirement benefits

The second way is by working without retirement benefits. While this may seem like a hopeless process, it is not for everyone.

For many people retirements are very expensive. It’s true that most retirees are well off. However, some retirees do not have a full retirement income. And so they need extra income.

There are a lot of people’s work and never get their pension or benefits. They work until they are tired or are no longer able to do the job.

This makes it impossible to make a living in the long run. But if someone lives on Social Security benefits and never gets benefits then at least they won’t be required to start working again. This makes them very secure.

Of course, there are many people who die before they have the chance to even start looking for work. 

Financial advisors

With a little planning on your part and with help from a financial advisor, you could increase the amount you get paid from Social Security benefits. You can even go a step further and invest the Social Security benefits into stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

This is a better option because you will have a much higher income than if you had nothing saved in retirement benefits. You could live well into your fifties or sixties and still have enough money for yourself and your children.

Health Care

When you reach old age and can’t work, there are a number of options you can consider. It’s a good idea to get some sort of health care.

If you don’t have that option, you can still afford to get a high quality health care plan. This will allow you to see the doctor regularly and keep up with the latest medical advances.

One of the most affordable insurance company is Medicare. This plan pays some of your costs until you’re seventy-five years old.

You also have to decide which health insurance policy you want to get. The cheapest option is usually the standard policy.

A more expensive medical plan is an HMO or PPO. This type of plan covers your entire health needs through a network of doctors that will pay a set amount for each visit.

An HMO and PPO are two very expensive insurance policies that offer coverage at a reasonable cost. The monthly premiums are much less than what you would pay in the standard insurance policy.

Dental care is also very expensive when you’re elderly. Having a dentist visit you on a regular basis is also very costly.

You can lower the cost of dental care by getting discount plans from your doctor. These plans will cover your dentistry, x-rays and other major dental care.


To qualify, you will have to provide proof of your disability and your income level for the past year, along with your financial records, such as your tax returns, bank statements, credit reports, etc. If you cannot prove your income and the number of years you have been employed, then you will not be able to apply for benefits. Your health is also considered.

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